An invitation to counseling where all stories are welcome and honored

Therapy for deep, transformational healing through a creative exploration of possibilities


Does navigating through life’s every day challenges feel isolating?

Living in a world full of expectations, requirements, and pressures is hard to keep up with and can make you feel out of control. Regardless of what we’ve been conditioned to believe, we are not meant to remain stuck in hopeless reactivity.

Are you ready to put an end to survival-based-living and step into a life where you feel supported, capable, confident and unapologetically YOU?

When you’ve spent your life putting others before yourself, it’s easy to forget that what you need matters.

  • Your story matters.
  • Your voice matters.
  • Who you are matters.

This is an invitation to invest in the wholeness of YOU.


My approach to healing is collaborative and experiential.

Together we have the power to…

  • Interrupt cycles of relational and/or systemic harms
  • Untangle difficult and confusing parts of your story or identity
  • Invite honor and understanding into your story
  • Experience restorative proximity to past pains
  • Transform experiences of deep personal wounding
  • Interrupt generational cycles of fear, anxiety and self condemnation
  • Explore and invest in underdeveloped portions of your life

I’m Victoria (she/her/they).

I believe that nobody is beyond the capacity to heal, grow and experience multiple levels of restoration.

It can be difficult to create change in our lives when we try to engage in our personal development and healing on our own.

But in this space, you are not alone.

In this space YOU are the expert of your own experiences and I am your journey partner. As your partner, I will provide you with insights, tools and perspectives that may add resources to the process of healing that is already unfolding within you.

Here, your experiences of shame, historical judgement, labeling or stigmatization are not ignored. These parts of your story hold wisdom, feelings and experiences that are necessary to be present as part of your healing process.

My sole purpose is to help you pursue growth and understanding in the company of someone who offers new perspectives and allows the burdens of the process to be shared.

Together, let’s explore what’s possible.


Here’s how it works


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Collaboratively design your unique pathway to healing


Experience new levels of restoration and resilience