Land Acknowledgment

I recognize the unique and important relationship that exists between First Nations peoples and the lands and interplay of life interconnected within their traditional territories. Restorative Resilience Counseling exists within and serves individuals residing on the historical homeland of Suquamish and S’klallam tribes. This land acknowledgment offers an ever present reminder of my ongoing efforts to recognize, honor, reconcile, partner and collaborate with the Suquamish and S’klallam people whose lands, water, wisdom and resources we benefit from today. May there be healing for us as unique yet collaborative communities now and into the future.

Individual Therapy

Engaged from a therapeutic perspective that invites multiple layers of relational, creative and trauma focused tools for long term support. Sessions take place in the comfort of the office or on video services from the comfort of the client’s home. Relationally focused with a commitment to client centered empowerment of voice, choice and personal exploration.

Individual therapy sessions at Restorative Resilience Counseling are a collaborative long term investment built together with client and therapist, establishing trust within the therapeutic partnership which invites more access to creativity and curiosity that offers a more welcomed proximity to rest, play and “authentic being.”


Trauma Therapy

Deep dive into specific trauma experiences to address ongoing negative symptoms. Collaborative focus on thoughts, emotion regulation and identity exploration. Building tools for the body and mind to let go of the burden of worry, panic and fear that often linger after enduring an overwhelming event or events.

Nature Focused Therapy

Nature focused therapy is a less structured counseling option which offers verbal and movement based processing of previous recent therapeutic engagements.

This type of treatment encompasses an experience where you take the lead and I join you for the journey. Nature focused therapy is focused on movement and presence with one to oneself, one to others and one to the world.

Weekend Intensive Story Workshops

This is an intensive restorative group centered experience that is accomplished within a confidential private setting.

While this offering is therapeutic in nature, this is not officially group therapy. Story Workshops are a group-centered opportunity to engage personal and collective experiences of harm with the intent of healing in mind.