Individual Therapy

Engaged from a therapeutic perspective that invites multiple layers of relational, creative and trauma focused tools for long term support. Sessions take place in the comfort of the office or on video services from the comfort of the client’s home. Relationally focused with a commitment to client centered empowerment of voice, choice and personal exploration.

Individual therapy sessions at Restorative Resilience Counseling are a collaborative long term investment built together with client and therapist, establishing trust within the therapeutic partnership which invites more access to creativity and curiosity that offers a more welcomed proximity to rest, play and “authentic being.”

  • 15 minute free consultation
  • 55 Minute Session
  • 1x per week recommended
  • Available with access to *Lifespan Integration Therapy Practices

*Lifespan Integration Therapy

  • – Eases the nervous system through personal, familial and transgenerational processing.
  • – Does not require one to re-experience traumatic history through the retelling of story.

Lifespan Integration:

  • 1. Story exploration that allows individuals to share simple cues connected to memories rather than having to endure retelling a traumatic story.
  • 2. Nervous system stabilization tools leading to quicker development of emotion regulation, restfulness and peace.
  • 3. Progressive journey leading to processing particular stories, relationship dynamics, early attachment wounds, preverbal and generational traumas.
  • 4. Collaborative treatment planning that invites the client’s wisdom + the therapist’s multimodal experience to work together for the benefit of the client.

For more detailed information about Lifespan Integration Therapy visit:

What to expect:

  • 1. Tools offered for thought reframing, emotion regulation and relational care, while prioritizing the core values of choice, voice as well as personal and cultural empowerment for the client.
  • 2. Opportunities for conversational and artistic processing
  • 3. Collaborative and adaptable treatment planning
  • 4. Collaborative exploration of attachment history, personality and mapping out personal goals (physical, emotional, relational. Investigating patterns of thought that connect to negative symptoms)
  • 5. Exploration about historical patterns of harm in relationship happening personally and rooted in the family dynamic

trauma therapy

Deep dive into specific trauma experiences to address ongoing negative symptoms. Collaborative focus on thoughts, emotion regulation and identity exploration. Building tools for the body and mind to let go of the burden of worry, panic and fear that often linger after enduring an overwhelming event or events.

  • 15 minute free consultation
  • 55 Minute Session
  • 1x per week recommended for a focused season determined by Client and Therapist
  • Available with access to *Lifespan Integration Therapy support

What to expect:

  • 1. Specialized engagement of personal, collective and/or trans generational healing that is connected to specific trauma occurrences.
  • 2. Tools offered for thought reframing, emotion regulation and relational care, prioritizing core values of choice, voice and as well as personal and cultural empowerment
  • 3. Education and specialized tools connecting artistic expression to trauma recovery
  • 4. Collaborative and adaptable treatment planning
  • 5. Breath and movement based interventions that offer practices of sustainable proximity to peace

*It is recommended that individuals seeking treatment find a regular day/time weekly to reserve for therapeutic care. Session times can only be guaranteed when they are pre-scheduled.

Restorative Resilience Counseling offers therapeutic support through the accessibility of telehealth care, from the comfort of your home or within our office which is located In Bremerton, WA. Restorative Resilience Counseling is located within a shared therapeutic space where private practice counselors collaborate and engage in case consultation regularly. This offers our therapists a meaningful and localized opportunity to strategize together and share resources based on specific client needs.

Our client identities are held to the highest level of confidentiality in this process to both protect private information while gaining exponential access to additional healing resources through diversified perspectives. While our clients are served by one trusted individual, insights about client needs are expanded through this consult-based approach to therapeutic care.