Nature Focused Therapy

*This option is only available to client’s who are already receiving ongoing counseling support from Restorative Resilience Counseling. It is most beneficial once bi-weekly in partnership with regular weekly sessions, at least once monthly

Nature focused therapy is a less structured counseling option which offers verbal and movement based processing of previous recent therapeutic engagements.

This type of treatment encompasses an experience where you take the lead and I join you for the journey. Nature focused therapy is focused on movement and presence with one to oneself, one to others and one to the world.

  • 55 Minute Sessions
  • Recommended add-on support for those who benefit from twice
  • weekly sessions.

Location Options:

We may choose a place that is tied to specific areas associated with your life. These may be locations that hold past experiential meaning or present day connections of significance whether good or bad or historical places tied to generational unfolding of stories within your family or life. Or we may choose a place which invites you into environments holding natural and organic life and beauty, allowing you an opportunity for perspective change.

What to expect:

  • 1. Person to person care in an outdoor location including conversational and movement based engagement
  • 2. Focused attention on previous themes within recent therapeutic meetings or in locations connected to life or family history.
  • 3. Adaptability, if weather is not permitting, therapeutic session reverts back to in-person or telehealth


*Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed in this type of session, so caution about topics engaged and timing of location is always considered.

*Nature focused therapy requires a higher level of investment from both client and therapist, due to the location change. A no-show or late cancellation of this type of offering will result in a probationary pause from access to this service until the client and therapist can better strategize ways to have consistency in attendance.

*Nature focused therapeutic support is based on availability. Generally, this frame of support will be limited to those residing within Kitsap County. If you are outside of the Kitsap County region and are interested in engaging this support, let’s talk and see what could be possible!