Story Exploration Workshops

half-day Saturday workshops to engage personal stories of harm collaboratively

Weekend Intensive Story Workshops are an intensive restorative group centered experience that are accomplished within a confidential private setting.

While this offering is therapeutic in nature, this is not officially group therapy. Story Workshops are a group-centered opportunity to engage personal and collective experiences of harm with the intent of sustainable healing.

Every participant’s story is unique and has needs that are particular to their life and personal goals for the present and future.

While the method of engagement as a group is standardized, to a level, the personalized experience offers collective opportunities of community based healing through a narrative perspective.

What it is –

  • 1. Invitation to group-based story processing that engages experiences of harm, confusion or social disconnection.
  • 2. Access to resources that can help to support ongoing story-based healing
  • 3. Connection with a small group of participants for a united pursuit of personal, collective and relational healing
  • 4. Intensive short term experiences built to help to engage, define/redefine and develop new ways of seeing, thinking and being toward the goal to live a life of authenticity.

What to expect:

  • 1. Participants are invited to write an up to 800 word account of a memory connected to personal harm.
  • 2. Each day, one participant is invited to read their story. Group facilitators engage the story, offering insights built to promote honor and healing.
  • 3. Group centered reflection that invite community based reflection, compassion and invitation to explore personal value and vulnerabilities
  • 4. Resources that promote story-based investment of personal, professional and collective healing.


*At registration, participants must agree in writing to hold the stories of group participants with the highest honor of confidentiality. Story Workshops are not a therapy service so it is okay for group participants to remain in contact after the end of the weekend if continued engagement is desired from both parties. It is recommended to give significant time/space between Story Workshops because processing stories of personal harm is ongoing and is best done with time between engagements.